About whitening

Why teeth lose their whiteness?

The most common cause is simple – insufficient oral hygiene. Brushing teeth, using dental floss, mouthwash, and interdental brushes ensures proper hygiene. Taking care of the oral cavity removes tooth plaque and bacteria that constantly form. Toothpaste and mouthwash have an antibacterial effect which means they prevent excessive growth and reproduction of bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria cause the formation of dental plaque, which causes gingivitis and the formation of caries. Proper nutrition, good health, and so-called other individual factors allow some people to maintain more easily their dental health and white teeth. Consuming drinks and foods that contain various dyes (coffee, tea, juices, dark fruit and vegetables, etc.) and smoking causes colour pigments to penetrate the tooth’s structure. These foreign pigments attach to dental plaque, which forms daily. Cleaning teeth with dental floss and interdental brushes is supposed to ensure the removal of dental plaque as well as partial removal of pigments from the tooth’s surface. However, when pigments penetrate deeper into the tooth’s structure such care is no longer sufficient to ensure the teeth’s whiteness. At the same time, deteriorated and yellow teeth can also be caused by previous diseases or pharmacotherapy.

How do you remove these stains? What whitening methods are possible and desirable? There are three solutions:
bielenie-metoda-1Whitening at a dental clinic
bielenie-metoda-2 Whitening kits designed for home-use
bielenie-metoda-3  Toothpastes with a whitening effect

Whitening at a dentist’s office

Regular and at least annual dental check-ups are necessary for ensuring dental health. However, seeing a dentist is also recommended if you want to whiten your teeth. Your dentist can provide you with different forms of teeth whitening such as teeth whitening gels with carbamide peroxide, which is an active whitening substance (sometimes used in combination with light or laser). Although these methods guarantee high effectiveness, the high cost is the major obstacle and not everyone can afford it. Whitening teeth is an aesthetic procedure that only those with healthy gums and well-treated teeth can undergo. Before whitening, it is always recommended to have dental tartar removed by a dental professional.

At-home whitening with White Look® TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM – How does it work?

The whitening agent for home use white look® TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM has been inspired by dentists and is based on an active whitening substance, which removes pigments from tooth enamel by oxidizing impurities. The whitening gel acts especially on organic dyes (these can be found in coffee, tea, red wine, beet-root and other foods). Since teeth are porous at a microscopic level and contain water, the dyes can deposit not only on the tooth surface but can also penetrate into the tooth. Our whitening gel can also penetrate into a certain depth of the tooth where it can remove the deposited dyes, i.e., changing them to substances that are not coloured. Tooth tissues are not affected during this process.White look® TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM will provide 10–14 days of whitening when used once or twice a day. The product contains moldable mouth trays, which adjust to your teeth, ensuring the gel can work effectively for the necessary 20 minutes. The first whitening effects appear after 5 days. Time required for teeth whitening depends on the individual’s expectations; the whitening process can take up to 14 days.

White look® – Toothpastes with a whitening effect

The main purpose of toothpaste is to help remove tooth plaque. Toothpaste usually contains fluoride as the main component, which treats tooth enamel and prevents carrie formation. Apart from this component, toothpaste may also contain other substances. Antibacterial agents are added to toothpaste in order to help cure gingivitis. Substances designed to reduce tooth sensitivity treat exposed tooth surfaces, thus removing toothache. The whitening agents in toothpaste gently smooth and brighten teeth.White look® Intensive toothpaste restores the natural whiteness of teeth, reduces the risk of caries, and helps prevent tooth sensitivity. It is designed for daily use. White look® Enzyme toothpaste gently removes the pigments from tooth enamel, and thanks to active enzymes it creates a natural environment in the oral cavity ensuring a long lasting effect.

Daily dental hygiene using suitable toothpastes and a regular whitening procedure can provide you with a confident smile. For some people, their teeth will be even whiter and more beautiful, while others will finally dare to show their full smile. Home teeth whitening with white look® products is a safe and effective way for brighter and whiter teeth that is worth considering.